Half Steer

Throughout the year we have Beef available for sale at the farm. For those who have not purchased through us before:

Our cattle are raised using valued "All Natural" practices, which include no fed antibiotics or added growth hormones, and are raised on our high quality pastures and finished with corn feed. Third Day beef is noted for having outstanding flavor and tenderness as compared to commercial beef sold in stores. We sell our freezer beef as full packs, Half packs, and "Half of Half packs," each of which would provide you with a full sampling of cuts including steaks, roasts, hamburger, stew meat, etc. When buying beef, you are not buying a "front" or "rear" quarter, but a mixture of all cuts from the carcass.

We price each quarter by the average carcass weight, which is the average weight of the product as it hangs, before it is de-boned and packaged. Typical whole carcasses weigh between 575 to 700 pounds. The cuts are vacuum-packaged, which preserves the beef longer, and then are frozen allowing you to pop them right into your freezer.

Approx. #
90—1 lb packs
Stew Meat
10 packages
4 packages
Sirloin Roast
2 package
2 package
4 packages
Top Round
4 packages
Rump Roast
4 packages
Sirloin Steak
2 package
Bottom Round
2 package
4 packages
Chuck Roast
6 packages
Soup Bones
4 packages
London Broil
4 packages
Eye of Round
2 package
2 package
Rib Steak
8 packages
T-bone Steak
4 packages

People who do not have a full size freezer sometimes purchase and divide a half package with other family members or friends.

After we confirm your order we will be able to give you a date that the meat will be available to be picked up here at the farm or in some cases, delivered. Shipping is not available.


   • Natural Organic Beef
   • 100% All USDA Natural Beef
   • No Antibiotics - Ever
   • No Hormones - Ever
   • No Animal Byproducts in feed
   • Grass Raised and Finished on Corn Feed
   • Humanely Raised in Sustainable on Local Texas Ranch Family Ranch

Third Day Beef
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